From i am future
SKK Special, Miss Volatility and our amazing global team Present:
I am Future
SKK Special, Miss Volatility and our amazing global team Present:
I am Future
Incredible Adventure
iOS and Android
Play 2 Earn GAME
Official Global Release: coming soon!
The player skates through cityscapes of the cities around the world, enjoying the setup, dodging obstacles, collecting artefacts and performing tricks in a flashy and colorful manner and collecting artefacts that can be used to get NFTs that can be traded globally. The gameplay will provide wide opportunity for socializing, creativity and getting additional income in the pleasant and enjoyable way.
The game environment provides big opportunity for socializing, meeting celebrities, making tricks, having fun, interaction and commercial activity for players.
The game is governed by the own token “Future”, connecting different components in the digital ecosystem I am Future on the Binance Chain.
Metarollers is a skill-based and creativity-based game for mobile platforms, the unique tribute to the Rollerskating community worldwide.
The token launch date is 30.08.2022, initial price 0.01 usd, market cap 100.000.000
the Metarollers game:
The main features of
Artefact Collection and realization
Cool urban environment
Infinite Run with fancy rollerskates
NFT collection, minting and turnover
Connection to Wallet
Cloud storage of player data
Tricks to Perform and Hype to create
Advanced Character Personalization
Pickable PowerUps
Player Login and Data validation on the Blockchain
Life Meter and Run Score
Own Marketplace with endless perspective to sell/buy/trade
Our Global Unbeatable Team:
The team
Sound Design
Vlada Sova
Environment artist
Gerardo Mosses
Taffarel Moreira
Pedro Cherubini
Project Manager
Miss Volatility
Blockchain Developer
Kolawole Kolapo
Game Designer
Pedro Cordeiro
Juan Gabriel Martinez
Dillruba Ruksana
Character and Artefacts Artist
Niyaz Nurtdinov
IamFuture team proudly created the set of 6000 NFTs of our rollerskating girls. The collection is devoted to the diversity, joy, equal rights and creativity of women worldwide. NFTs in possession provide the way to influence governance in our ecosystem.
Check out Our collection on Opensea
All our female characters have bright individuality, charm, special skills and value. The NFTs celebrate the upcoming launch of “Metarollers” P2E game where they can be implemented to increase value in virtual reality or to bridge fiat money and our game token “Future”.
The unique artworks of young and funny girls, inspired by the vibrant and engaging rollerskating hobby are value carriers, connecting fun, profit and purpose. Interconnection of metaverse and real world fun is highly concentrated in our digital art.
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