Controls, Animations, Background

Here we update you with the development of the game. You can expect us to post a new entry regularly. I hope you enjoy!

And please, keep in mind that all the art that will be shown here is WIP. Some will make the cut to the final game, some not, most will endure hard changes until then. We’re still very early stage, as we entered actual production a few weeks ago.

Sprints and the Pre-Production

We organize our production in sprints, that are two-week cycles of development with a clear specific goal. Our first sprint was a pre-production one, in which we threw around some ideas for art and color palette, did some research in what we would need for the server and blockchain communication, defined the gameplay and controls, some economy modeling, and also created a prototype to test the gameplay, to see if it was fluid enough.


We want the game to be very skill-based, so we want commands to be precise and depend much on execution. That’s why we ended up with gestures in the screen as the way to control the player, instead of buttons.

We divided the screen in two sides, so the player can use both thumbs to draw the commands on screen in a comfortable manner without having the hands get in the way of seeing the game.

In the left side you can do the basic direction controls (going up and down a lane, speeding up, or jumping). In the right side you do commands for the maneuvers. The idea is that to create great maneuvers that yields the most score you’d need to combine several gestures with the right timing.

The design has three lanes, so you can go up and down to avoid obstacles, or to get a power-up, an artifact, or simply get into something you think you can do interesting maneuvers with.

The way score functions rewards players that are creative and daring, penalizing the ones that rely on repeating the same combination of tricks.

Character and Animations

We also did a lot of tests on how to set up the character and all movable parts for the animation, that will be the base for all the adorable collectibles and customization items of the game.

This is obviously a very early sketch, just to test how animation and customization will work. We’re still far from the final character arts.

The game will feature three basic body models: one more “male”, one more “female”, and a more neutral one.

There are a lot of tests going on with the animation, to see what works and what doesn’t work for the fluidity that we want the skater to have in the game. The aim is not to make it realistic, but to make it as cool as possible, even if some stuff might be physically impossible. And also to make it as flexible as possible to blend the different animations when splicing one trick to another to create a more fantastic one.


The sprint in which we are right now, which ends tomorrow, is focused on doing the background and some of the lighting and shader work. There is still some hauling to do before the sprints end, but we can share some mockups

Here are some bush for testing how the contour would work in the assets, so they can integrate with the background at the same time that they are visible and distinguishable by the player in the fast pacing of the game.